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Car Wraps Spokane

Welcome to the foremost vinyl car wrap Spokane! We have a wide array of options when it comes to choosing your next car wrap. Here at Car Wraps Spokane we take pride in our ability to provide high quality 3M vinyl wrap installation at an affordable cost. When people get asked “where can I find auto wrap near me?!” Our shop is always at the top of the list.

We provide more services than most of the wrap shops in Spokane. Many of our customers find that other shops cannot provide one service or another and that is where we step up to the plate. We can install any color, transitional colors, contravision or paint protective film on virtually any vehicle! The next time you find yourself wondering, “where can I find a car wrap near me,” look no further than Car Wraps Spokane for all of your vehicle wrapping needs.

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About Car Wraps Spokane WA

We have been rapidly growing our company over the last few years and are thankful for all of our loyal customers! Our vehicle wrap Spokane shop strives to provide the highest quality vinyl wrap car installation possible. When you need your business's logo to stand out and look pleasing to the eyes, you cannot afford to cut corners. Many people tend to “judge a book by its cover” and a poorly installed graphic or wrap could make or break a new custom. That is why the residents of Spokane and the surrounding areas can count on Car Wraps Spokane when they need “high quality car wrap near me”!

Why choose our Vinyl Wrap Spokane?

Our shop has been providing the best vehicle wraps Spokane WA has to offer for many years. Customers continue to use our services because we always strive to provide the highest quality product possible. We prefer to work under three basic principles:

  • Affordable prices. We understand that the Spokane car wrap cost can easily reach thousands of dollars. We will always work with you and your budget to ensure you receive a high quality vehicle wrap for a reasonable cost.
  • Superlative customer service. Deciding on the perfect wrap can take some time but whether you are in our shop or on the phone we will never rush you to make a decision. We are here to help you and guide you through the vehicle wrapping process to ensure you get exactly what you need.
  • High quality installation. We have a number of professional installers with decades of combined experience. We expect every job that leaves our shop to leave with a seamless and bubbleless 3M vinyl wrap.

When you need a “vinyl wrap car near me,” give us a call to find out how we can help you with your vinyl wrap needs. Stop by our shop, give us a call or try out our easy to use submission form on our website to receive a free estimate.

What to expect from Car Wraps Spokane WA

We have an effortless process when it comes to purchasing a new wrap for your car. We do our best to ensure you are completely aware of all the steps it takes to install a car wrap. We will work side by side with you until you pick out the perfect wrap or spot graphics for your vehicle.

Customers really appreciate our attention to detail throughout the entire process and on the installation. When you need high quality car wraps at an affordable cost, you can count on Car Wraps Spokane!

Below is a typical transaction in our shop:

  • You send in your request for a quote or come by the shop to figure out your next project.
  • Once a quote has been established or we determine the work needed on your vehicle, we take your vehicle and prep it for wrapping.
  • The exterior of the car needs to be perfectly cleaned, so we prefer if you bring your vehicle free of mud or dirt to make it easier on our installers.
  • Our professional staff begin installing your car wrap or spot graphics.
  • You come by to pick up your beautiful new vehicle! If for any reason it does not meet your standards we are willing to work with you until it does.

Our Services

Our shop offers more services than any other vehicle wrap Spokane has to offer. Our staff has seen every type of vehicle there is and successfully wrapped each and every one of them. When you need car signage, car vinyl, truck wraps or custom car wraps, you can count on the seamless installation of our professional staff at Car Wraps Spokane. When people think “I need a quality car wrap near me,” they can always count on Car Wraps Spokane to provide high quality vinyl wrap installation. Take a look at a handful of the services we provide and do not hesitate to reach out with any questions for your next vehicle wrapping needs!

spokane car paint protection film

Paint Protection Film

We all know the pain of getting scratches and dings on your car. A Paint protection film is the ultimate defender against blemishes on your spotless paint. This type of vinyl wrap is a clear film that is undetectable and can easily be removed and replaced when the time comes. There is no worse feeling than driving your brand new car off the lot just to get rock chips or gravel chipping away that beautiful new paint. Although this car wrap cost is higher than a typical vinyl wrap, the cost of a new paint job can reach upwards of $15,000.

spokane car wrap color change

Vinyl Color Change

We can install a 3m car wrap for any occasion, but our most groundbreaking application is the color changing 3m wrap.

There are a couple options available including the standard color changing depending on the direction you view the car. We also have cold water activated color changing vinyl. The only time you are excited for it to rain!

spokane custom car wrapping

Custom Wrap Design

There are thousands of different car wraps out on the market and this can be overwhelming when choosing the perfect vinyl car wrap. We have state of the art design software that allows us to turn your custom design to life. Either bring us your own design or give us design criteria to create the best custom car wraps Spokane has to offer.

spokane commercial wraps

Commercial Wraps

Billboards are a thing of the past. If you want quality Spokane car wraps to showcase your business to thousands of drivers a day, then Car Wraps Spokane is the shop for you.

Our commercial vehicle wraps are guaranteed to attract the attention you need to bring in new business.

Car Wraps

We have some of the best car wraps in Spokane. There are hundreds of color options in a variety of finishes to choose from. Between a gloss, matte, brushed or satin finish the number of options are limitless. The beauty of a car color wrap is when you are tired of the color in a few years, you can just peel it off and have a new one installed. Vehicle wraps cost thousands of dollars less than a new paint job too!

Truck Wraps

Our technicians have experience installing 3M vinyl wrap on every type of truck from an S10 to a 389 Peterbilt.

When local construction companies need the best vinyl wrap Spokane, they can count on Car Wraps Spokane to provide the highest quality advertising wrap for their full fleet of trucks.

Van Wraps

We have industrial vinyl cutting printers that allow us to install wraps or a car advertising wrap on nearly every vehicle surface. Many of our best car wraps in Spokane were applied to janitorial services that wanted large signage on all of their vans. With their phone number in large vibrant colors, you are surely to bring in new customers while traveling to and from job sites.

Boat Wraps

We have worked with several fishing guide service companies to provide marine quality wraps to their boats. A boat wrap is the perfect way to showcase your business. When all of the other fishermen see you reeling in that trophy catch, they will stare directly at that beautiful wrap and immediately want to call for their own taste of the guided fishing service. The next time you find yourself wondering “is there good boat vinyl wrap near me?” Count on Car Wraps Spokane!

Bus Wraps

Many other Spokane wrap shops do not have the proper equipment to provide wraps large enough for a bus. That will never be an issue at Car Wraps Spokane! We can work alongside the city of Spokane to help showcase your business to thousands of public transportation users a day. Our clients have relayed their success to us when using our services to apply their advertising to busses throughout the city.

Trailer Wraps

We may have the best auto wrap Spokane, but our trailer wraps are increasingly popular. Most trailers have seamless walls that make them an ideal candidate for custom vinyl wraps. Many of our customers use their trailer as their own mobile billboard to display their business. Many of our customers take advantage of our camo car wrap to prep their trailer for hunting season. When people think “where can I find high quality vehicle wraps near me?” they think of us!

Our Packages

One Way Vision (Contravision)

We are proud to be one of the few Spokane car wraps companies that offers contravision wraps. This service allows us to install your custom designs or business advertising on any type of vehicle window without obstructing the drivers view. We provide a 4 window and 5 window Contravision package for any type of mobile vehicle. For busses and vans that require extensive one way vision installations we are happy to provide you with a free estimate!

Basic Spot Graphics

Many customers prefer a minimalist advertisement on their vehicles and we welcome that! Bring in your own design or guide us on how you would like your business logo to look. This package includes a single logo that fits neatly on the side of one door or on the hood of your car or truck. We have also had customers utilize this package to display banners across their tailgate or across the bottom of their doors. The application of or basic graphics package is an easy process, the only hard part is deciding where you want to put it!

Spot Graphics

Our spot graphics package expands on the basic spot graphics by including larger advertisements. This could mean the wrap extends across both doors or a majority of the side of a van. The spot graphics will typically cover a much smaller percentage of the car than a partial or full vinyl wrap. The benefit is you are able to display a catchy logo and some simple text like your phone number, email, or a call to action.

Partial Wraps

Partial wraps take spot graphics another step further and cover a large surface area of your vehicle. This could include a wrap that covers your hood and extends down to your front quarter panels. This package is excellent for showcasing more intricate logos or to ensure your graphics are readable from far distances.

Full Wraps

A full vinyl wrap is as good as it gets! You are only limited by your imagination when taking advantage of this vinyl wrapping package. With a full wrap there will be no doubt in your mind that people passing by will know exactly what your company is about from every angle. We also specialize in monochromatic vinyl wraps including chrome wrap, carbon fiber wrap, or even black chrome wrap. A full wrap is the perfect way to make your $15,000 car/truck look like a $40,000 car/truck!

About Spokane WA

Spokane WA has steadily been growing over the last decade. Between Spokane and Spokane Valley the population sits around 300,000 residents. Nestled beneath Mount Spokane there are dozens of outdoor activities that bring in thousands of tourists a year. Mount Spokane offers several ski runs in the winter but also allows down hill mountain biking during the summer along those same runs. Spokane’s most notable attractions are “hoop fest” the largest 3 on 3 basketball tournament in the world. Also, Bloomsday is Washington State's largest 12km race bringing in outsiders from all around Washington and Idaho. Some of the nearby cities include:

  • Spokane Valley, WA
  • Cheney, WA
  • Liberty Lake, WA
  • Airway Heights, WA
  • Chattaroy, WA
  • Otis Orchards, WA
  • Deer Park, WA
  • Ritzville, WA
  • Newman Lake, WA
  • Many more surrounding areas

Industry Frequently Asked Questions

How much do car wraps cost?

Car wrap prices widely vary depending on the application. Partial spot graphics can run a couple hundred dollars and paint protective film can run in the thousands. Stop by our shop or give us a call to see affordable car wraps Spokane pricing can be!

How long does a car wrap last?

We use the highest quality 3M vinyl film on the market to ensure long lasting results. We typically see wraps last 6-7 years but many of them have taken daily abuse for 10 years!

Do car wraps ruin your paint?

Absolutely not! Our professional installers use only the highest quality film and tools that provide an air tight finish without affecting your paint. The beauty of vinyl wraps is there are 100% removable!

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When I needed to wrap my car and started looking at prices I was very hesitant. I finally came across Car Wraps Spokane and was surprised by how much they were able to do and stay within my budget.

Sean L.

I did not know a lot about vinyl wraps before coming to this shop. I had a custom logo I needed for my work truck but had no idea how to translate that from digital to physical. They were very friendly and walked me through all the steps to help get the perfect logo for my business.

Brad G.

I have had a few spot graphics done at this shop before so I knew their quality was good. I needed 6 of my vans wrapped with the same graphic and every single one looked exactly the same. I can't believe how seamless the graphics were!

Jessica T.

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We provide the most vinyl wrap and protective film services in all of Spokane! On top of a wide selection of services we also provide the highest quality installation. We have a professional technician for any type of vinyl wrap to ensure you get a top of the line product. We have cemented ourselves as a top tier vinyl wrap shop and our schedules are rapidly filling up! If you are considering a vinyl wrap or need spot graphics to advertise your business do not hesitate to reach out to us for a free estimate! Car Wraps Spokane look forward to working with you!


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